BRANCA TEXTILE is web section focused on Textile testing designed from S.T.A. BRANCA IDEALAIR, the italian company manufacturer of textile testing equipments for FIBERS, YARNS and FABRICS, located in Mercallo, Varese ITALY


is a website that focuses its attention to textile testing equipments and practices, testing laboratories procedures and methods for the analyses and QC on textile products as fibers, yarns and fabrics in order comply with market Standard establishing their technical specifications and physical properties.

In the current web page we are going to introduce textile testing equipments settings and also blogs aimed to share personal opinions on textile lab testing procedures and standard practices on textile lab testing.


Our company Branca Idealair is already well-known worldwide for the supply of testing equipments to several textile laboratories  including project and installation of laboratory architecture and air conditioning system arranging the precision air conditioning units capable to control precisely the Standard Atmosphere according with UNI EN ISO 139:2011 and ASTM D-1776: Standard Practice for textile conditioning.


Branca climatic units are suitable and useful for all those laboratories that need to carry out tests in compliance with reference Standard achieving the goal of ISO / IEC17025 or ISO 9001:15 for testing activities according to the reference application as e.g. PAPER TESTING, DIMENSIONAL METROLOGY, CEMENTS TESTING and PM10 GRAVIMETRIC TEST, etc.

Our sales offices will follow you in all enquiries giving all informations and quotes giving you direct contacts or our agents Gloabal network reference contacts.

Meanwhile the technical office is alwasy ready to give you prompt technical assistance within 24 hours from the request through direct phone call and remote support.

Our technical team is active both in ITALY and WORLDWIDE.

The production is made in Mercallo only by qualified operators, technicians and engineers  expert in textile testing.

The production includes:

  • Apparel prototypes project and design
  • Metal frame preparation and working
  • Components and mechanical parts assembly
  • Software programming and development
  • Calibration and certification of the products
  • Final testing before instrument delivery

On request all testing equipments can be issued with ACCREDIA or ISO certificate

At the end of each realization the apparel is delivered to the customer with the state-of-the-art certificate and with an official company label.



Branca Idealair produces also the following equipments:

  • MANUAL WRAP REEL (code 08) used to reel hank which length is variable in accordance with the count system.
  • Electric wrap reel (code 09) that allows the preparation of yarn skeins with desired length. The ultra-silent brushless motor does automatically a gradual and smooth start & stop when the test is over.
  • TENSION METER used to control yarn tension.
  • MANUAL DRUM WRAP-REEL (code 11) designed to determine the count of slivers and roving during the process preparation.
  • PRECISION ELECTRONIC SCALES supply results for a wide variety of applications.
  • PLANOFIL MULTIPLEX (code 24) used to detect yarn irregularities. Winding pitches depend on yarn count in accordance with ASTM standards for cotton.
  • MANUAL COLOUR SAMPLING (code 27/S) used to wrap sample colour cards of yarn. Yarn is wound up on standard cards, whose characteristics are supplied by the customer.
  • COLOUR SAMPLING (code 74V) used to wrap sample colour cards of yarn. Yarn is wound up on standard cards, whose characteristics are supplied by the customer. The cards are sustained by an adequately hick stainless steel support.
  • BRANCA LUX (code 39) essential for colour sampling, to control “nuance” of fabrics and yarns and to research eventual irregularities that cannot be seen by normal light.
  • ABRASION TESTER (code 66) used to analyse the abrasion resistances and pilling of fabrics and other materials. Bristle and nylon brushes, abrasive cloth or fabric are employed as abrasive holder, according to the kind of tests required for abrasion testing.
  • >SPRAY TESTER (code 36) used to curry out water repellence tests as per spray method. Equipped with 2 diffusers, in accordance with ISO and AATCC standards.
  • WASH METER (code 38) used to control dye stability in placed under different agents. Stainless steel bath tank with automatic regulation of water or diathermic liquid temperature.

Oven-drying tester

Oven-drying tester is a rapid equipment suitable to determine the moisture content and regain of textile fibers and yarns

Hydrostatic head tester

Hydrostatic head tester measures the waterproof limits of fabrics and to determine the resistance to water penetration of technical textiles

Branca Air permeability

Branca Air permeability measures the exact air velocity of a an air volume to cross perdicularly FABRICS

Twist tester

the electronic twist tester 61S measures the exact twistings no. of yarns in compliance to uni and astm standards

Circular sample cutter

Circular sample cutter 16 cuts circular samples of fabric, paper, plastic with 100 cm2, contact us for a quote