In the current Covid-19 alert situation that everyone is experiencing, people around the world have found themselves having to wear protective face masks

This type of garment not habitual for western countries, but already commonly used in the eastern world has become part of our lives.

Although it is something we are not used to, it allows us to protect ourselves from the famous aerosol particles, vectors of the new Corona viruses.

Protecting ourselves from the attack of new viruses is very important, but the need to ensure proper body breathing is equally important, therefore have a proper balance between oxygenation of the body and filtration of harmful particles.

For this reason the standard EN 14683 : 2019 expresses in annex C how these surgincal face masks should be made and recommends to contemplate tolerance limits on the parameter known as “Specific air flow resistance” expressed in ΔP / cm2.

From the very beginning, the companies manufacturers of personal safety devices present in medical textile sector equipped immediately themselves to supply the right products.

An in-depth control since the nonwoven materials processing such as spunbound-meltblown, SMS, SMMS, SMMMS and other types of textile materials used in the preparatoin of protective masks. Really a big step forward for people’s health!
To do all this it is necessary to have the opportunity to test your material and to characterize it from the early stages of the project.

S.T.A. Branca Idealair is an Italian company known for the realization of instruments for textile control of fabrics, yarns and fibers since 1939.
For years this company has been active in the quality textile sector, in textile workshops for the characterization of textile products in the fashion and clothing sector and industrial fabrics.

The instrument that analyzes the characteristic of a material in terms of air passage and crossing speed in Lt/m2/s is the AIR PERMEABILITY 37SC.


A tool designed to perform air permeability tests on clothing and industrial fabrics in full compliance with ISO 9237: 97.

This standard expresses the test method and procedure, but the instrument also complies with other international standards, such as ASTM D-737, etc.

Our technicians have made this instrument capable of analyzing also the breathability data of a sample according to EN 14683: 2019.

In full compliance with the AIR PERMEABILITY 37SC standard, it is able to sample the homogeneity of the non-woven fabric or the finished product, i.e. the surgical template, giving an immediate evaluation in ΔP / cm2.

An auxiliary kit for breathability tests has been developed which allows to analyze the differential pressure of the sample and obtain results in extremely rapid times <10 seconds per test.

The measurement accuracy of the instrument is less than +/- 3% as required by the standards.

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