BRANCA TEXTILE TESTING INSTRUMENTS is a web focused on testing instruments for Textile Quality created by S.T.A. BRANCA IDEALAIR

The italian company is official well-known manufacturer of textile testing instruments for fibers, yarns and fabrics, located in Mercallo, Varese ITALY

Branca Textile focuses its topics to textile testing methods and practices, laboratory test procedures for textiles as fibers, yarns and fabrics in order to be compliance with Standard and to analyze the physical properties and merceological quality of textile products.

We are going to introduce textile testing equipments and also blog aimed to share personal opinions on textile lab testing procedures and standard practice on textile testing.


The company Branca Idealair is already well-known worldwide for testing equipments supplied to textile laboratories, but also for the project developments and installations of laboratory air conditioning units, known as Climatic units, able to reach and maintain a precise close control of Standard Atmosphere in compliance with ISO 139 and ASTM D-1776 Standard Practice for textile conditioning.

Branca climatic units are suitable and useful for all those laboratories that need to carry out tests in compliance with reference Standard achieving the goal of ISO / IEC 17025 or ISO 9001:15 for testing activities according to the reference application as e.g. paper testing, dimensional metrology, concrete testing, fine powders gravimetric test methods, others.

Our sales offices will follow you in all enquiries giving all informations and quotes giving you direct contacts or our agents Global Network reference contacts.

Meanwhile the technical office is always ready to give prompt technical assistance within 24 hours from request through direct phone call and remote support.

Our technical team is active both in Italy and Worldwide

The apparels manufacturing is made in Mercallo only by qualified operators, technicians and engineers  expert in textile testing.

The production includes:

  • Apparel prototypes for project development and custom design
  • Metal frame working
  • Parts assembly
  • Software programming
  • Calibration and certification of the products
  • Final testing

On request Branca textile testing instruments can be certified ACCREDIA or ISO

At the end of each realization the apparel is delivered to the customer with the state-of-the-art certificate and with an official company label.



Oven-drying tester

Oven-drying tester is a rapid equipment suitable to determine the moisture content and regain of textile fibers and yarns

Hydrostatic head tester 35S

Hydrostatic head tester Branca 35S allows to determine the fabric resistance to water penetration according to the Standard UNI 20811 and related Standard

Electronic Twist-tester 61

Electronic twist tester Branca 61S measures the exact twistings number of single, plied, multi-level, OE yarns, compliance to UNI EN ISO 2061 and ASTM D1422-99 and ASTM D1423-0

GSM Circular sample cutter

Circular sample cutter 16 prepares circular samples of fabric, paper, plastic with cut area of 100 cm2, contact us to request it
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