Experience in Textile Quality since 1925 …


The company’s founder the Engineer Alberto Branca, who was remembered as being a very bright and brilliant person, began his career after the studies carried out in textile research and technology  in France at Recherche Mécaniques et physiques – Paris.
In year 1934, after a period as representative of french factories, he starts setting up a small repair laboratory.


After few years he began proposing an innovative and fully-operational model of a oven drying tester for fibers known today as  Regain tester 70, the first model manufactured in Italy.


Regain tester obtains immediately an high-demand from textile factories and had been chosen by textile companies to define the moisture content (%), regain (%) and commercial mass of textile fibers able to solve the disputes that occures in commercial transactions between suppliers and customers.
Therefore in year 1937 the laboratory activity was blowing up quickly so that it was necessary to transform it in a factory named “ALBERTO BRANCA” and his wife begins to collaborate with him.


In year 1939 the Second World War imposes to close the activity.


In year 1946, just one year after the war, the activity restarts in Milan with a completely new production, apart from textile testing equipments, also of Climatic units able to test and check quality in conditioned rooms. With the new name “APPARECCHI BRANCA” the activity expands rapidly its market in foreign countries.


In year 1961 Alberto Branca moves his factory from Milan to Mercallo (VA) where climatic units porduction became important in further fields like paper, cardboard, chemistry, plastic, rubber, etc.


In Year 1962: with the new name “Branca Idealair“, Alberto Branca asks to his son to help him in improving the research and planning.


In Year 1977: Alberto Branca dies and his wife succeds as administrator meanwhile the son Giancarlo Branca become technical and commercial manager, who improves the concept of technical support and aftersale assistance increasing again the turnover of the company and creating a completely new activity that was not present before.


Since 1977 till today, Branca Idealair studies and evolves the apparels and climatic units getting a considerable improvement and design of new instruments implementing new technologies able to guarantee a more comfortable use and the deep analyses of fabrics, yarns and fibers.


The studies allows the company to enlarge the production to a wide range of testing equipments able to satisfy the requirements set by the customers followed also by a professional technical support also by remote.


Today, the company S.T.A. Branca Idealair (Studio Tecnico Assistenza) is managed by the daughter Barbara Branca, who follow both textile testing instruments and climatic units production, commercial and aftersale.


All testing equipments are designed and manufactured in compliance with international standard ISO, UNI, EN, DIN, ASTM, AATCC, IWTO and other equivalent international Standard.



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