Branca Air permeability 37S is a textile testing apparel useful to determine the exact rate of air flow that pass perdicularly across a specimen of fabric

The air permeability is a physical feature of textile materials and is considered as the air flow speed that pass perpendincularly through a fabric sample under specific data as requested by the reference Standard: test area, pressure drop and time (e.g. ISO 9237 or ASTM D-737)

An HMI touch panel allows the user to define test settings and monitor values.

air-permeability-tester     air-permeability-tester-37S           permeable-fabrics

The Air permeability tester has suitable instructionsn to manage in a simple and user friendly way all test operations to measure air permeability.

The output of results is expressed in Lt/m2/s, m/s, m/h, Lt/min, dm3/dm2/s, ft3/ft2/s, CFM and other measure units on request.

At the end of the test by means of a function key it’s possible to print a full test report (ASCII printer is an optional component).



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