Branca AP 37SC measures the exact air permeability of clothing and industrial fabrics

The apparel AP37SC measures the speed of a fixed air volume that crosses perdicularly a sample of fabrics in compliance with Standard UNI EN ISO 9237:97, ASTM D-737, JIS L1096, EDANA 140.1 and other reference norms

Air Permeability is a physical property of a fabric very important to determine during the fabrics processing and finishing

AP 37SC management is user-friendly thanks to the HMI Touch Screen technology that allows the operator to define test settings as test area, measure units and other useful parameters before testing.


100 CM² COVER FLANGE To avoid air losses by the sides of the test area with ticker samples
ASTM AREA REDUCTIONS 38cm² according to the ASTM Standards
ASCII PRINTER Thermal ASCII printer issues test hard copy reports of width 57,5 mm showing all data descriptions as e.g. company name, operator, date and hour of tests, others and listing of test results and statistical evaluations
APPLICATION SOFTWARE BAP 4.0: SCADA HMI Application Software with USB Runtime key that allows the apparel management by the operator for parameters setting, real time test monitor data, results savings, statistical evaluations and (.csv) files export e.g. Excel, Access, etc.


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