Twist tester 61S measures the exact twistings number in S or Z for all types of yarns, compliance to Reference International Standard as UNI EN ISO 2061 and ASTM D1422-99 and ASTM D1423-0


The Yarn Twist-tester 61 allows to measure the exact TPM or TPI of single, double, multi-level, OE yarns and other yarns.

Equipped with and 5” HMI Touch Screen:

  • Turns no. reading: (0 ÷ 10000) turns
  • Reading resolution: ± 0,1 turn
  • “0” Proximity, to manage automatic test procedures;
  • Measure units: expressed in Turns per meter (TPM) or turns per inches (TPI);
  • Storage memory: 20 results per test method;
  • Statistical evaluations: MIN, MAX, AV, Δ, Standard Deviation (%), C.V. (%);
  • USB slot for PC connection;
  • External potentiometer: (50 ÷ 2500) rpm
  • Passive encoder for count up/down with motor off;

The Electronic twist-tester Branca 61 is available in different testing lenghts.

Sample lenght: (1 ÷ 50) cm (1 ÷ 100) cm (1 ÷ 200) cm
Pretension weights: Standard set
(0,5 – 40)g
Special set
( 50 – 250)g
Power supply: 230VAC/50-60HZ 110VAC/60HZ
Included accessories: Separation needle Inspection hand-glass



48 columns onboard model, prepares complete test listing report with all info details and test results list followed by statistical summary for archive.

Application software TWIST4.0

Ideal for PC with OS Windows Seven 8, 10 suitable for trend graph analyses and statistical evaluations of results saved on memory and transferred automatically from HMI touch screen to Building automation PC-SCADA HMI monitor platform.

WEBSERVER – (.CSV) file remote export

To enable the server communication with the device by remote and the (.CSV) files generation.

It includes FTP software for data transferring and SD-Card with high capacity of 16 GB for files saving and backups.

Download-datasheet donwload-english-datasheet web-link-to-italian-version



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