The Hydrostatic head tester determines the resistance of fabrics to the water penetration

Samples of fabrics analyzed with hydrostatic head tester 35S are technical textiles, bonded fabrics, coated fabrics, impermeable membranes and other materials resistant to water penetration.

Test method establishes the minimum threshold of hydrostatic pressure that enduces to a passage of water across the specimen subjected to constant head increment in form of small water drops.

Original test surface is of 100 cm2 (UNI 20811), but can be applied on 100 cm2 other reduction flanges in compliance with AFNOR Standards.

The hydrostatic head tester has a pneumatic clamping with command switch on front panel that assures the perfect tightness of the specimen during the test running.


Test area: 100 cm2
Hydrostatic pressure generated from: special propulsion pump
User interface: HMI touch screen (5”)
Storage memory: 20 test results;
Measure units: expressed in cm.H2O or mm.H2O;
Pressure constant increase: a) 10 cm.H2O/min
b) 60 cm.H2O/min
c) Free setup up 600 cm.H2O/min (JIS Standard)
Data export: USB panel slot to permit PC-link;
Power supply: 110/230VAC – 50/60 Hz;



  • Application software BWP4.0 – Statistical evaluations
    Ideal for PC with Windows OS Seven, 8, 10 suitable for trend graph monitor and statistical evaluations of results saved on memory and transferred automatically from HMI touch screen to the building automation PC-SCADA HMI monitor platform.
    The supply includes installation CD and USB Runtime license for PC.
    The application software allows the operator to manage the apparel as follows:

    • Parameters setting
    • Test monitor and user commands
    • Test results saving
    • Trend graphs monitor
    • Statistical evaluations
    • (.CSV) files export
    • Webserver unit:To enable PC communication via Ethernet and other networking
  • WEBSERVER – (.CSV) file remote export
    To enable the server communication with the device by remote and the (.CSV) files generation.
    It includes FTP software for data transferring and SD-Card with high capacity of 16 GB for files saving and backups.