Oven-drying tester


Oven drying tester is a rapid drying oven suitable for fibers and yarns

The oven is used to determine, in an extremely short time (only 5 minutes for fiber raw material up to 500 grs and 7 minutes for yarns skeins), the moisture content (MC%), the moisture regain (MR%) and the correction % (+) or (-) to set.

The homogenous hot air distribution, duly filtered, in every point of the testing chamber allows to keep test samples, contained in a tared can with 75 micron filtering net, soft and always with unaltered shape.


The first model of OVEN DRYING TESTER FOR FIBERS  has been developed by Branca Idealair in 1925 in Italy.


The test time can be lower than 5 minutes for one subsample, depending on the initial moisture content and gross weight, which be up to 500 g. Parameters detected by the oven are moisture content (MC%), regain (MR%) and regain correction.


The USER INTERFACE is an HMI Touch screen that command SSRs to maintain stable material under a drying temperature of (105-140) +/- 2°C in compliance with UNI 9213.



Weighing system is designed for managing subsequent weighings of the subsample until the determination of the final dry weight of material once between two subsequent weighings the readout is lower than 0,05% of the last dry weight.

Precision scale brand METTLER TOLEDO is the right company to get a professional and reliable measuring of the weights with direct communication with HMI Touch screen

Equipped with ASCII printer on board to get paper bullettin to stick on plastic bags or onboard ETHERNET slot to communicate with external PC for further statistical analyses and trend graphs generation

Test parameters can be configured by the users inputting the type of fibers or fiber mixing in percentage of material presence based on subsample composition and additional other useful integrated functions.

Here below we are glad to introduce the two models of regain tester designed by S.T.A. Branca Idealair:





Reference image: regain-tester-70 automatic-regain-tester-70S
Control management: Manual Automatic
Galvanized prepainted body structure: Yes Yes
Stainless steel drying chamber: Yes Yes
Air flow control: manual automatic
Magneto-thermic safety: Included Included
Precision scale brand Mettler toledo Mettler toledo
Scale position External internal
Scale measure range 0..6100g 0..6100
Scale accuracy +/- 0,01g +/- 0,01g
ISO certification Yes Yes
Scale calibration Internal/External Internal/External
Scale vibrations self control Yes Yes
Tared cans 2 2
Typical mass of steel can: 1700 g 1700 g
Typical mass of aluminum can: 1000 g 1000 g
Heating power elements: 12 KW 12 KW
Fan air flow: (350-1000) m3/h (350-1000) m3/h
Power supply conductors: Three-phase + N + PE Three-phase + N + PE
Power supply voltage: 400VAC 400VAC
Power supply frequency: 50/60HZ 50/60HZ
ASCII printer: no Yes
BRT4.0 application software: on request on request
Calibration mass of 2 Kg: on request inlcuded
Datalogger sensors: no on request
Half heating power switching yes yes



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